Welcome to OOBERLUXE

Your personal assistant, anytime, anywhere.

OOBERLUXE is a super intuitive travel + virtual assistant. Our lifestyle advisors will tackle your to-do list with unbridled verve, and a hint of cheek. With every request, we learn your quirks (and we love you for them). We use your personal preferences to deliver thoughtfully curated advice. 

OOBERLUXE is more than a task completer--our lifestyle advisors have a finger on the pulse of what’s fresh. We aim to educate. 

The Origins of OOBERLUXE 

OOBERLUXE was conceived by an always on the go, knowledge-thirsty, working mom, for whom long hours made even the simplest of tasks impossible to complete.

Free time is precious, and she’d rather spend it playing trains and building sand castles with her son than endlessly browsing flight options, pediatrician reviews, or tile samples. Thus, the order taking, reservation-making, rarely say "no" OOBERLUXE system was born.


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